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We support and care for issues and causes close to our hearts.    

We have partnered with Children's Advocacy Centers of California to support the incredible work and invaluable support they provide to children that have suffered from neglect and abuse.  

A child's life should be carefree and fun. No child should ever experience abuse. All over the world and right here in our community, children are mistreated every day.  Let's make it our goal and responsibility to help raise awareness and contribute to the safety and well-being of our children.

Your kindness can save a child's life, prevent them from being harm and secure their future. Your contribution will go straight to their organization. 

Subscribe to our site and stay informed on upcoming events, in which portion of our sales are donated to this magnificent organization, or to win free products by donating during the holiday's special events, directly to CACC.


We invite you to donate directly to CACC today.​​ Thank you!

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