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Our promise to the world:

To lead with honest methods and offer high-quality products sourced

only from clean ingredients and never tested on animals.

Located in Southern California, we have a great appreciation for the bounties nature

has to offer and an ardent passion for preserving the health of our skin.

LUXU offers diverse lines of skin care products formulated with

safe, clean, natural, organic, and vegan ingredients.

We don't promote hype, we promote results.


Each ingredient, each final product is carefully selected not only for

quality and purity but for safety and efficacy. Behind each product,

there are dedicated, conscious decision-making with you in mind.

We are committed to offering products that enhance, and benefit your well being

while keeping your appearance as youthful and healthy as possible.


Cheers to beautiful skin!


©2020 Luxu Brands International, Inc 

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